What Type of Exercise Does Your Body Need as You Age?

We all have different needs when it comes to exercise and those needs continue to change as we age. When was the last time you really thought about your exercise routine, and more importantly, are you experiencing gains with your current program? Maybe what worked once at an earlier age for whatever reasons does not seem to work now.

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Flexibility, Mobility, & Stability


When you hear the word ‘joints’ it is typically used to refer to pain or stiffness. However, even though we idly comment on the state of a singular body part, it is important to remember that all parts of our body are one.

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The Stronger Life Project: Kindness is Good For Your Health


My son Kai shared this video with me a few days ago – he said, “Mom, you have to see this.  I know you’ll love it!”

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The Stronger Life Project: Why You Should Set Strength Goals for a Stronger and Longer Life


Living a stronger and longer life is a great goal to have. However, most people directly correlate stronger and livelier as thinner and lighter.

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The Stronger Life Project: Creating Your Own Reality [Video]

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As we all strive to live a stronger life, it’s about taking care of our health and our bodies through the way we exercise and what we eat – but it’s also about taking care of our emotional health – our minds, our well being, our happiness.

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