The Stronger Life Project: A New Year, A New Opportunity


The Stronger Life Project 001: A New Year, A New Opportunity
Listen to this podcast with Koko FitClub Co-Founder, Mary Obana, here.

Here we are, with a New Year upon us. A great beginning, a fresh start!

It’s the time to look forward, the opportunity to set goals and new commitments to ourselves — whether it relates to our health, our careers, our relationships or our families. Where will you put your energy this year? How will you choose to spend your time?

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A Story On Success: Why do Ducks Quack and Eagles Fly?

160331kf_4007Congratulations on a great month of taking care of yourself, focusing on positive habits, and keeping a positive outlook.

I am so proud of you for making the commitment to your health — a commitment for you, and for those around you that love you. What a gift that is.

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