How Heidi Conquered Her Condition with Koko

One of the best decisions you could ever do for your body is getting involved in fitness. Not only does it keep you fit and looking good, it has a wide array of positive effects on your heart, your blood pressure, and various diseases.

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Set Strength Goals: How Andrea Got Healthy By Building Muscle


So much focus is put on weight loss within the fitness industry, that most of us don’t stop and think about strength and the role it plays.

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We Are Family: Betsy’s Story About Her Second Family


Each week, we try to celebrate a very special member of our clubs.

This week, meet Betsy, who gives an amazing testament to what Koko can do for you and her story behind how she got fit… Continue reading

What is Your Motivation?


In life, we all experience loss. Whether it is a family member taken too soon or we lose our ability to experience life through health issues or lack of motivation.

What makes us stronger is overcoming the loss and taking steps to improve your life. Nancy’s motivation comes from a place of love and affection and that is why she will never stop until she reaches her goals… Continue reading

Trapped: How Lanie Set Herself Free From Her Physical Limitations


A number of health issues can be caused by just simply being overweight. While not everyone is plagued by the many complications that can arise, it is reassuring to know that it is never too late to get healthy again.

Sometimes you just have to say enough is enough, and that is exactly what Lanie did…

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