Connection: The Real Secret to a Good Life


A good life. That’s the prize we are all working towards. To look back on life and know you did everything possible to live it to the fullest: happy, healthy and perhaps even wealthy.

There’s good news for good living. A recent study unveils the secret that could most positively impact longevity, physical health and keep our minds sharp as we age. Continue reading

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: How Carol Achieved Emotional and Mental Relief

shutterstock_327061907Every week we want to mention and celebrate a particularly inspiring member of Koko!

Seeing as how we are about halfway through Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it is only appropriate we celebrate one of our members who has made fantastic strides since her battle with breast cancer.

Meet Carol! Continue reading

Michael Wood: How You Can Finish the Fight with Fitness


It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month! Each year we are continuously inspired by the brave survivors and fighters of this horrible disease and we show our support by offering free fitness and donating to the American Cancer Society! Continue reading

The Link Between Cancer and Diet: Lower Your Risk With Cancer-Fighting Foods


Cancer can affect anybody.

Whether you have been recently diagnosed with cancer, or have been fighting the disease, lifestyle changes such as diet can improve your condition and well-being exponentially. Continue reading

Koko FitClub to Honor Breast Cancer Survivors Through Free Fitness and Fundraising

Tomorrow kicks off Breast Cancer Awareness Month and, all across the country, people are wearing pink, remembering and honoring our strong survivors and loved ones who have been touched by this terrible disease.

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