Fruity, Over-the-Top Drinks Make the Holiday Season Go ‘Round


At this point you’re probably thinking “Do these guys do anything but cook and eat?”

The answer is yes… We like to drink fun drinks too!

Here’s a drink recipe that will really hit the spot after you finish cooking and decorating for the holiday’s. Don’t worry, if you’re not much of a drinker, we have a virgin recipe just for you! Continue reading

We’re Taking Lasagna to a Whole New Level


Everybody loves lasagna. Whether it’s veggie, meat filled, or stuffed with eggplant, you know you’re getting the delicious combination of tomato sauce, cheese, and pasta.

We decided to try a variation of lasagna to keep it healthy and energizing. This is a recipe we highly recommend. Continue reading

Grab-n-Go Just Got a Whole Lot More Delicious (and Healthy)


Eating on the go has become such a seamless part of American life that we forget that most of the ready-to-eat food we consume so easily is chock full of preservatives and unhealthy additives.

Here’s a recipe that just goes to show that it pays to plan ahead, stick to fresh foods, and leggo-ing thoseĀ  Eggo’s.

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Let’s Cut to the Chase, It’s Baking Season


We all now what the holiday season is really about… baked goods and sugar rushes.

But we’ll do you one better, a delicious treat with a nice kick of nutrition for you. Just think of this as a way to use up those leftover bananas sitting on the counter at the end of the week. The ones that are two black and scary for you to eat (we’re right there with you).

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A Healthy Alternative to Mashed Potatoes


Mashed potatoes are loaded with butter, milk, and cheese, which sounds deliciously artery-clogging, but none of those foods help you hit your goals! Russet potatoes are mainly starch and carbs with not much nutritional benefit to be found.

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