3 Steps to Fix a Broken Diet

A few weeks ago, I read a Facebook post from Roy B., a member of Koko FitClub in Wyckoff, New Jersey. His post included a before-and-after photo, proof of his dedication to health and fitness,  with results that were nothing short of amazing.

I asked Roy,  “What three things do you know now that you wish you knew three years ago when you first started Koko? Continue reading

A Burger With All the Protein, But None of the Fat


These vegetarian burgers are perfect for replacing ground beef and ground pork. While they are mostly plant-based, these burger pack a whopping 12g of protein per serving. 3

And they taste great with relish and mustard!

Continue reading

This Vegetarian Quesadilla Will Keep You Full, Healthy, and Happy


Quesadillas are a fan favorite for almost anyone. However, sometimes what you put in your quesadilla, taco, or burrito is not always the healthiest thing.

So, to help you stay committed to your health goals, here is a vegetarian quesadilla that is packed with protein and removes all processed foods. Continue reading

This Stuffed Squash Will Have Your Mouth Watering Before It’s Even Ready


The name of the dish speak for itself. This dish is packed with vitamins and essential nutrients. Remember, fruits and vegetables are one the best way to get your healthy carbs in. You can boost this effect by combining more than one vegetable into a single dish! Continue reading

When Going Lean [Meat] Goes Right


While red meat is not a necessity of diet, we all know that every once in a while you need to switch up your prepped meals and protein sources. Eating the same thing for days can get old, so every once in a while, we should indulge in what we like. It’s like a reward for committing to your plan!

And remember,  moderation is key. Continue reading