3 Key Things to Focus On For a New Year of Fitness


Last week was a new record. The most flights in one month, all delayed on account of snow.

I don’t know what it is but there’s something about being bored and cold that makes me hungry. So, before my last flight I popped into the nearest airport pub for some comfort food. Halfway thru my burger and fries, a woman sits down beside me at the bar. She places her phone next to the menu then line by line, starts evaluating her options based on points and calories. Continue reading

A Story About How It’s Never Too Late to Get Fit


Being a new dad, I find myself in a lot of new situations meeting people I wouldn’t have otherwise met and having conversations I wouldn’t have otherwise had. They tend to lead me to some interesting adventures.

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How to Find the Right Gym to Get Fit

shutterstock_216252670Most people end up picking the wrong gym.

It’s a paradox. At exactly the same time when fitness options are at their height, so too are the number of people who are deconditioned and overweight.

More people belong to gyms now than ever in the history of fitness. So why aren’t more people succeeding? Usually, it’s because they pick the wrong type of gym for their needs and set themselves up for failure.

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How to Change Your Body For Life in 30 Days


I’m not going to show you a motivational picture of someone who, against all odds, has chiseled abs and ask “what’s your excuse” or “everyone gets the same 24 hours in a day, if they can do it, so can you”. I’m not even going to tell you what workout to do because none of it matters.

What matters is where you start.

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How Warming Up Can Dynamically Change Your Workout

nick_teamshotThe other day I spoke with a friend and fellow fitness addict. Of course, like me, she wasn’t born that way.

About 2 years back she started working out because she was getting ready for a family vacation. She wanted to lose some weight and tone up. She’s been hooked ever since.

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