The 5 most important things you should know about sleep

One thing we all could use a lot more of is sleep. Life seems like an endless cycle of never getting enough sleep.

But how much sleep is actually enough? What are the benefits we get out of sleeping soundly through the night, every night?

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13 Ways to Eat Well and Be Well (Infographic)

When it comes to living a happy, healthy and fit lifestyle, what you eat is as important as how you exercise. Do one without the other, and you may never truly succeed on your body transformation goals..

A proper  nutrition plan, comprised of nourishing, whole foods, should provide  the right balance of macro- and micro-nutrients needed to properly fuel your  workouts. Whether fat-burning or muscle-building, optimum nutrition will improve the quality of your workout — and the results.

The following infographic outlines the key pillars of our nutrition philosophy at Koko FitClub, and can help you create some good eating habits to fuel your workouts, too.


Stay Koko Fit!

Nick Konarski
COO & Master FitCoach, Koko FitClub

3 Steps to Fix a Broken Diet

A few weeks ago, I read a Facebook post from Roy B., a member of Koko FitClub in Wyckoff, New Jersey. His post included a before-and-after photo, proof of his dedication to health and fitness,  with results that were nothing short of amazing.

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3 Key Things to Focus On For a New Year of Fitness


Last week was a new record. The most flights in one month, all delayed on account of snow.

I don’t know what it is but there’s something about being bored and cold that makes me hungry. So, before my last flight I popped into the nearest airport pub for some comfort food. Halfway thru my burger and fries, a woman sits down beside me at the bar. She places her phone next to the menu then line by line, starts evaluating her options based on points and calories. Continue reading

A Story About How It’s Never Too Late to Get Fit


Being a new dad, I find myself in a lot of new situations meeting people I wouldn’t have otherwise met and having conversations I wouldn’t have otherwise had. They tend to lead me to some interesting adventures.

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