The Stronger Life Project: Creating Your Own Reality [Video]

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As we all strive to live a stronger life, it’s about taking care of our health and our bodies through the way we exercise and what we eat – but it’s also about taking care of our emotional health – our minds, our well being, our happiness.

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A Burger With All the Protein, But None of the Fat


These vegetarian burgers are perfect for replacing ground beef and ground pork. While they are mostly plant-based, these burger pack a whopping 12g of protein per serving. 3

And they taste great with relish and mustard!

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This Vegetarian Quesadilla Will Keep You Full, Healthy, and Happy


Quesadillas are a fan favorite for almost anyone. However, sometimes what you put in your quesadilla, taco, or burrito is not always the healthiest thing.

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This Stuffed Squash Will Have Your Mouth Watering Before It’s Even Ready


The name of the dish speak for itself. This dish is packed with vitamins and essential nutrients. Remember, fruits and vegetables are one the best way to get your healthy carbs in. You can boost this effect by combining more than one vegetable into a single dish! Continue reading

The Stronger Life Project: A New Year, A New Opportunity


The Stronger Life Project 001: A New Year, A New Opportunity
Listen to this podcast with Koko FitClub Co-Founder, Mary Obana, here.

Here we are, with a New Year upon us. A great beginning, a fresh start!

It’s the time to look forward, the opportunity to set goals and new commitments to ourselves — whether it relates to our health, our careers, our relationships or our families. Where will you put your energy this year? How will you choose to spend your time?

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