Mary’s Monthly Message

Here’s a crazy statistic in the fitness industry: 80% of the people who join gyms in January will have quit by May.

If you are a typical Koko member, you are among the 20% who STAY; that stick with it.

But that’s not the only surprising thing…

Listen to my monthly audio message to learn about the other unexpected changes you can expect from making this commitment.

Happy New Year!

I hope you are enjoying time with family and friends as you bring in the new year!

In lieu of a recording, I simply want to thank you for being a part of the Koko family during 2017, and wish you a healthy, joyful 2018!

With love,
Mary Obana and the whole Koko team.

Giving Thanks and Focusing on the Present Moment

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I’ve always loved Thanksgiving – aside from the gift of being with my entire family, it seems this time of year always inspires reflection…And every year it can feel different depending upon what is going on in my life.

Regardless, though, I’ve learned to ground myself first – and always – in gratitude. Gratitude for the simplest — and yet the greatest of things… the love of family and friends, the blessing of good health, and that I have TODAY.

Please take a listen to this short message on how to be grateful and stay in the present moment:

Living Your Strongest Life – 30 Second Stress Buster!

Let’s face it, there are times in our life – and moments in our day – when we can feel the stress rising. It can be when you are feeling overwhelmed, you may be nervous about a presentation or project, or you might be anticipating a difficult conversation at work or with someone you love. Continue reading

The Environmental Toxin That Is Silently Killing You

sitting bad

We all know smoking’s bad for you, right?

What if I told you that you are touching something — RIGHT NOW — that is worse for your health than smoking.

No, it’s not your laptop. It’s not your smartphone. Continue reading