Living Your Strongest Life – 30 Second Stress Buster!

Let’s face it, there are times in our life – and moments in our day – when we can feel the stress rising. It can be when you are feeling overwhelmed, you may be nervous about a presentation or project, or you might be anticipating a difficult conversation at work or with someone you love.

Bringing our best self to any situation is what we all want but it requires a clear mind and the right energy level… and if you’re like me, there are times you look back and think – I could have done better.

Here’s a great trick to relieve stress and restore balance that I’ve recently discovered that I had to share with you – it’s what I call my “30 Second Reset” or “Stress Buster”. You can do it anytime, any place so long as you can close your eyes for 30 seconds.

Click the arrow below to take a listen…

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