Motion is Lotion

In ’53 there was a study that showed British postmen tended to die less from heart attacks and heart failure VS. others who had sedentary jobs, such as mail-sorters. It was studies like this that established the link between activity and disease prevention.

Decades later, it became common knowledge that disease responds strongly to exercise. There’s irrefutable evidence that it lowers blood pressure, stroke rates and heart attack risks – all drop. There’s even strong evidence that suggests exercise is a powerful rival in the battle against heart disease – the number-one killer in the United States.

With the average life expectancy in the U.S. at about 79 years and on the list of longevity, among all nations, we’re ranked #42. It’s time to think about movement and nutrition as preventative medicine.

As a coach, I won’t tell you anything you don’t already know. There’s no silver bullet, but I find almost every person who walks thru the door has missed expectations on how much time it takes and how to get there.

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends 150 minutes of exercise per week (about 30 minutes over 5 days). Walks, jogs, runs, hitting the stairs at lunch. Although there are best exercises for every goal, whether it’s stress reduction, better skin, a stronger stomach or a healthier heart – for lasting weight loss, movement in conjunction with good eating habits and consistency will always be the staple.

That’s why at Koko, we have an entire system that’s completely customized for you:

Smartrainer™ and Koko X
The most effective strength workouts you’ll ever do.

Koko Cardio
Fully-guided 15-minute HIIT cardio.

Koko Fuel
A fully integrated nutrition solution customized for your activity levels along with dietary support to help you close nutritional gaps.

The right way to measure your results.

All with highly-trained and certified coaches to help you learn how to create new habits, defy age, debunk myths and get results.

No matter your age, no matter your shape and no matter your size, maximize your dosage. We are a place for you. We have a plan for you.

Find a club, get moving and don’t stop.

Nick Konarski
COO, Koko FitClub

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