Overcoming Injury: How Joe’s Physical Training Prepared Him for an Unexpected Issue

We try to brag about our amazing members as much as possible. This week we celebrate a wonderful KokoNut of our who was able to handle a very problematic health issue because of his training at Koko.

Meet Joe…

I started Koko FitClub on a trial basis…

I had tried a lot of diets and exercise routines but nothing seemed to stick. When I tried Koko, it fit into my busy schedule and the convenience of computer assistance and instruction made the effort seamless!

I have now been a KokoNut for over 3 years and during that time my doctor and I have noticed the marked improvement in my physical health. Just as important though, is my mental well-being.

Being fit also has an added benefit of mental toughness and the body’s ability to handle stress. This year has been a challenge with several people close to me passing away. In addition, some health issues arose. While in the emergency room for the stone, all my vital systems remained normal which amazed the attending nurses especially because I was perspiring profusely from the pain.

I attributed my body’s ability to handle the situation to my Koko¬†routine and explained that to the nurse. She said that whatever the reason, I should continue to do it. All i all, everything turned out okay.

Most people attribute Koko as physical fitness but I learned it also contributes immensely to one’s mental fitness, allowing the body to handle the stresses associated with life’s everyday challenges.

Thank you Koko FitClub!

Certified KokoNut

Joe was able to take what he learned at the gym and apply it to an every day situation, albeit uncommon. Endurance and focus are huge when getting fit, and being able to apply that focus and endurance during a stressful situation makes Joe a true KokoNut!

Stay Koko Fit!

Kyle DeMarco
Fitness Life Correspondent

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