A Plan For You: Read How Merete’s Bad Gym Experiences Led Her to Koko


Each week we try to celebrate one of our incredibly inspiring members!

This week we want you to read about Merete and how she was given the inspiration to join Koko from her friends. Anything to get away from that box gym.

My Koko journey started October 2015.

I had previously been a member of another gym where I ended up just paying my monthly fee and not actually going there – went a few times but never knew exactly what I was supposed to do to improve my overall fitness.

A few people I know had been members of Koko Fit Club more or less since it was opened in our town and always talked so positively about it. So when a friend of mine said she wanted to start working out again after years of not being very active, I said: “me too, would you like to go to Koko with me for a trial session if I contact them to set it up?”

She agreed and I haven’t looked back since.

I try to go three times a week and I really feel, and see, the difference. I love the fact the machine tells me exactly what to do each time, and that there is friendly staff at hand more than willing to help if you need it.

I recently ran/walked a half marathon to raise money for crohn’s and colitis foundation of America – I would never had been able to do this as well as I did without Koko! Thank you!

Merete Stockinger
Member of Koko FitClub

Merete was struck with a very common problem: “I pay for this gym but do not go because I have no clue what to do while there.” Most people who pay for a big box gyms typically don’t know what they’re supposed to do, are intimidated by the atmosphere, and don’t receive any assistance! Because of this they stop going.

Merete discovered Koko through friends and has been unstoppable since.

Want to give the gift of fitness this year? Come on in for a 30 Day Trial and we will give a free trial to a person of your choosing!


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