Taking Initiative: The Motivation Behind a Mother of Two


Having a child can be a workout in itself. But, getting back to where you were health-wise is where the real challenge lies.

After her second child, Casey was ready to hop back on the fitness train. Here is how she discovered Koko was the place for her.

Ever since I was in high school I have enjoyed a mix of cardio and weights and have been an exerciser.

But, after I got pregnant with my first child four years ago, my exercise routine started really slacking. Then I got pregnant with my second child and totally stopped working out.

After giving birth the second time, I was really ready to get toned again. I feel my most confident when I can see muscles and feel strong.

The thought of going back to the gym was daunting though because of the time commitment and how out of shape I felt. I had driven by Koko Fit many times over the years. Unassuming in the strip mall nearest to my house, I saw the signage and was always curious about what was inside.

I went online and researched Koko and really liked the concept of a quick, effective workout, and the fact that I would be instructed exactly what strength exercises to do – how many and how quickly, etc.

The day after I was cleared by my doctor at six-weeks postpartum, I went in to get started.

During my trial period, the staff was so friendly and helpful teaching me about the machines and the technology. I got hooked on the workouts and joined after the trial period. I love how I can go in and work hard for 45 minutes and then be done! In the past it had taken me 90 min to accomplish the same cardio/strength training mix. Who wouldn’t want to save this kind of time?

This week, my daughter is turning six months and though I don’t feel like I am 100 percent where I want to be, I am close! In less than five months I have shaved 3.8 points off my eBMI, increased my Q score by 29 points and have a strength gain of 53%! It is truly amazing and it hasn’t even been that hard! I just follow the program and eat responsibility and it happens.

The best part is I look forward to each workout session and to reaching new milestones. Thanks Koko!

Casey Novak
Member of Koko FitClub
Raleigh, NC

Want to give the gift of fitness this year? Come on in for a 30 Day Trial and we will give a free trial to a person of your choosing!


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