70 is the New 30: How Rick Blew His Classmates Away at His College Reunion


Every month we try to celebrate as many of our amazing members as possible! Their stories of achievement inspire us and hopefully future members to get up, get out, and get fit.

Meet Rick..

My membership at another local gym had just expired and I was looking for a different experience.

I started at Koko with the 30 day $30 trial entry entry. I immediately liked what I saw and experienced. The start up went smoothly and I liked that my progress and efforts were tracked and that I could select the program that accomplished what I wanted.

Within 6 months I lost 30 pounds utilizing The Koko Fuel program and working diligently through the various plans. I like the month reports that get posted, it suits my competitive nature. The computer tracking allows me to monitor my progress and wokouts. I have accomplished much more in the 45 minute program than I ever did before slogging through two hour workouts on my own.

I have eliminated a blood presssure and cholesterol medication by following my Koko fuel and workout regiment. As I approach age 70 this year, I look and feel better than I have since I was in my 30’s.

I attended a college reunion this year and my friends all noticed the difference and asked who my trainer was. I am very pleased with my results and want to keep on progressing to see how far I can go.

Rick Mansfield
Member of Koko FitClub
Orleans, MA

Rick  was tired of his big box gym and exhausting hours of inefficient routines. You know you found the secret when you are 70 and you feel better than you did when you were 30.

That is a system that is working. Congrats on your success Rick!

Want to give the gift of fitness this year? Come on in for a 30 Day Trial and we will give a free trial to a person of your choosing!GET 30 DAYS OF FITNESS FOR $30

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