Give The Gift of Fitness: How a Simple Referral Changed Briant’s Life

shutterstock_500087662This month for the holiday season, we really wanted to tell stories about our members where they were given the gift of fitness.

Whether from their spouse, a friend, a referral, or just dragging a buddy to the gym with them one day is enough to possibly change a person’s life for the better.

Meet Brian…

I’ve been going to gyms throughout my life and I’ve NEVER stuck with one for more than a few months. I suppose like many people, I have a “New Year’s Resolution” to get fit. This means that I’ll join a gym, commit to going, and voila! Work done and I’m where I want to be in terms of fitness.

That never has happened.

Before going further, let me tell you where I was and where I am now. I am 5′ 2″ tall male and weighed 172 lbs at my heaviest. Short and fat was how I would describe myself and as far as being in shape – “Round” is a shape.

I’ve been going to Koko for 11 months and I’m still 5′ 2″ (no vertical growth plan – YET) and I weigh about 158 lbs. Doesn’t sound like much of a difference, right? I’ve gone from a size 36 waist to size 33. I’m much stronger (42% increase according to Koko’s “Q” Score) and I look and feel so much better.

A friend of mine started going to Koko Fit Club and encouraged me to enroll in the 30-day trial. I was skeptical but decided I’d give it a shot since it would be nice to have a friend with me when I worked out (if I ever worked out).

After the initial experience, I realized that I was hooked. The trainers were awesome. The workouts are short and effective. In about 2 months I started noticing differences. I never thought I would say this but I am now rearranging my personal life to make sure I have time to go to the gym. It has truly been a life-changing experience for me. I have to say that while I don’t follow the My Koko Fuel plan, I use it for recipe ideas and as a comparison against my actual meals. I have to take small steps to succeed in order to truly achieve a long term goal and improving my personal health is a long term goal. To eat according to the Koko Fuel Plan is a drastic change for me so I’m going to take that slow.

Koko Fit Club is a great place to work out and it truly has changed my life. However, to those who have not visited a club, don’t make the mistake of thinking that simply joining Koko Fit will result in immediate and guaranteed results.

You have to be ready for it and what I mean by that is you have to be ready to make changes in your lifestyle and able to make adjustments so that you can work out. Just so you know, the weight difference described earlier was mostly from me changing my diet and that was BEFORE I became serious about exercise.

Once I plateaued on my weight loss I decided I needed to change things up. That’s where Koko came in. I go 3-5 times per week and it didn’t take long before I realized that my fat was burning off, my waist becoming slimmer, and my muscles becoming more defined.

It truly has been an amazing experience and I wish everyone the best if they decide to take on this challenge. You will not regret it.

Thank you Koko Fit Club!

Briant Happ
Member of Koko FitClub
Houston, TX

Brian was introduced to the alternative to mainstream fitness by a good friend. Had he never gotten that recommendation, he would not be the lean mean fighting machine that he is today. He wouldn’t have made it at a one-size-fits-all gym

We are so proud of Briant’s journey!

Want to give the gift of fitness this year? Come on in for a 30 Day Trial and we will give a free trial to a person of your choosing!GET 30 DAYS OF FITNESS FOR $30

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