Never Give Up: How Larry Regained His Health… Twice

shutterstock_261177263This Thanksgiving, we wanted to celebrate a member of ours who has the most amazing story. It’s people like this that inspire us to never give up!

Meet Larry.

“When I first joined Koko, I was overweight and totally out of shape.

My coaches, Kurt and Tracy, explained how the program worked and it was totally different than any other fitness program I had heard of. I joined and started on the weight loss program.  After just a few weeks I was feeling better, had more energy and was increasing my [lean] muscle mass.

About 3 months after I joined, I had to stop and have a second knee replacement – the results of a sports injury from many years ago. Well, I stopped, had the knee surgery, and was diagnosed with cancer during this same period.

The surgery was followed by 38 days of radiation and seven weeks of rehab. When I decided it was time to get back to Koko, I quickly worked my way back to where I had left off.

I can only brag on Koko for what their coaches help me accomplish. Im feeling better than I have in many years.

Thanks, Koko!”

Larry Dirlam
Member of Koko FitClub
Chanhassan, MN

Overcoming a horrible diagnosis and an age old injury is a tough feat in itself. Getting back in shape after enduring it all is inspiring.

Well done Larry, stay Koko strong!

Try Koko for 30 Days for $30 and see how you can change your life too!


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