Getting Back to Basics: How Cheryl Solved Her Severe Back Issues


Almost 96% of people who walk into a gym do not receive any help or assistance with their fitness journey. This lack of attention can lead to people being more prone to injuries and limited knowledge on how to get fit.

This was the case for Cheryl who, at the age of 50, had a spinal system issue so severe she had to have a back fusion. There was no way she could do such high impact exercise without sustaining an injury.

Here is how Cheryl got fit.

“I began with Koko in October 2014. I had a back fusion in October 2012.

I found that working out on my own or in a gym, even with a trainer, I kept injuring myself over and over again.

After my back fusion, my doctor advised me to build my core and work at it slowly since I had a very bad spinal system (which I was well aware of after many doctor visits and surgeries over an 8-year period).

A customer of mine came in talking about Koko as she had just joined. I went the next week for the 30 day trial. Dan [was my coach] and lord, I have to praise that man. He was able to take a very young at heart 50+ year old woman with MANY, MANY issues and 0% strength to a 60% strength gain… with NO INJURY!

Before Koko, I was not even able to walk on a treadmill without holding on. Not anymore. I am totally strong enough.

Listening to my body and having a Koko FitCoach there by my side every step of the way, correcting my alignment so I did the exercise correctly, is what allowed me to succeed in this LONG JOURNEY of mine.

I tell everyone I meet about Koko. I believe in them 100% because it worked for me.

At first, my husband wasn’t on board He thought I would be back in the doctor’s office in 6 weeks. It’s now almost 2 years later and still going strong.


Cheryl Copperwheat
Member of Koko FitClub
Cypress, TX

Cheryl is just one of many examples of overcoming an obstacle, whether it be physical or mental.

Her dedication to get better paired only got stronger as her life went on, and as soon as she found Koko, it was a match made in heaven.

You are a true Kokonut Cheryl!


Try Koko for 30 Days for $30 and see how you can change your life too!


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