Wake Up Call: How a Former Biker Decided to Get Back in Shape


This week we pay testament to another of our strong members!

We all know how it feels to lack motivation the older you get. The feeling of overcoming your age and taking back your health is something not everyone experiences!

Beth said enough was enough, and threw herself back into the fit lifestyle.

“Koko FitClub opened in a shopping center I passed everyday.

I have been a very active runner and biker for over 15 years. As I celebrated turning 50, I got lazy, not motivated. All of a sudden I was 55, back fat, extra body fat and feeling awful about myself… menopause didn’t help.

I had hit rock bottom without having exercise in my life.

I saw a Koko ad in a local magazine. I went in, got the lowdown, and gave it a try. I got hooked!!

I love how my weight routine is thought out and all I have to do is get it done. My first goal was get rid of back fat before my son’s wedding. DONE!

Next goal will focus on healthy eating habits. I’m confident I will reach this goal as Koko has the tools to help me reach all my goals. My Koko has an amazing owner and coaches, I can’t imagine going anywhere else.”

Beth Sullivan
Member of Koko FitClub
San Antonio, TX

It’s easy to get lazy, it difficult to look at yourself and tell yourself you have gotten lazy. It is even more difficult to do something about it.

Beth is an inspiration to all by not limiting herself by her age or weight. She stuck to her routine and became a new person! We are so proud, Beth.

Try Koko for 30 Days for $30 and see how you can change your life too!


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