A Place For You: How Susie Discovered More Than a Gym


There is nothing better than finding a way to balance your life and find peace.

Every week, we seek to honor one of our amazing members who has made tremendous progress at Koko.

Not only can fitness be a gateway to better health and stronger bodies, it can be a refuge for the mind and a community to support you when you struggle.

Susie started out at Koko just to motivate her husband, but she got much much more than she bargained for.

“When I started Koko, I was just a supportive agent for my husband.

Little did I know that Koko would see me through some serious and dark times mentally, a few running injuries, the agonizing death of my mom, and the thrilling experience of hearing my son say, ‘Oh my goodness mommy, you have muscles!’

The day I heard my husband say ‘holy cow’ under his breath after I hoisted a bag of chicken feed on my shoulder without blinking, I knew I found a place in myself I had never been. I really liked that place and I wanted more.

Thanks to Koko and its amazing ability to appeal to my nerd side (I track everything… literally everything), the gym became a part of my life. I am a runner and have shunned gyms for years. There is something amazing about feeling welcome in a place that helped me get to the point of fitting into clothes that I haven’t worn since they were last in style.

Koko has been a very safe place for my very self-conscious and modest self to gain strength and the confidence I had never thought possible. It is an incredible jounrye and I am so excited to continue.

I am in awe at what I have accomplished to date.”

Susie Schuetz
Member of Koko FitClub

Susie’s story and journey is so powerful that we can’t help but swell with pride every time we read about what she has accomplished.

Need an alternative to the mainstream gym? Try Koko for 30 Days


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