A Blessing in Disguise: How a Physician’s News Changed Jay’s Life

Motivation can come in many forms. But, none is more powerful than a hard wake-up call from your doctor or the beauty of having a new baby girl to care for at the age of 59.

Jay continues to be a rockstar member at Koko, this is how he got started.

My story is probably common in one respect, and uncommon in another.

First, the bad news; my physician put me on BP meds at the age of 59. I can’t stand being on meds of any sort, so i knew that to get off the meds I had to have a lifestyle change.

Now, the good news, and my chief motivation.

At the age of 58, my wife and I welcomed a new baby girl into our lives. She is 18 months old now, and the consummate Daddy’s girl.

I want to do everything I can do to be the best possible Daddy for her, and knowing I am a late-in-life Daddy makes me even more determined to get fit, and most importantly, stay fit.

I think that Koko is the absolute best alternative there is for middle-age people to get fit and stay fit.

I’m thrilled with the process, and I know that if I stick with the process, the results will come.

Jay Norcross
Member of Koko FitClub
The Woodlands, TX

Jay wants to be the best father he can be to give his little girl the happiest life he can.

If that is not motivation to get fit and stay fit and healthy, we don’t know what is. Continue to be inspiring Jay!

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