Box Gyms Are Dead: Why Joe Quit His ‘Big Health Club’

10-18-injured-at-gymMore than 90% of people who enter a traditional gym receive zero guidance or assistance from the gym staff or trainers.

It’s no wonder so many people give up after a month of owning a gym membership. Joe was able to say “Forget It!” to the big box gyms and was able to change his life because of it.

I used to belong to one of the ‘big health clubs’ in town.

They had everything under the sun for a person to get in shape. But… I didn’t know what to do and the trainers were expensive.

I usually ended up getting hurt doing something wrong!

Koko gives me the guidance I need to get a great workout and in a short amount of time.

Very Effective! Thanks Koko!

Joe Dunne
Member of Koko FitClub
Austin, TX

Don’t think that you can’t accomplish your goals because you’re not seeing results. It’s not you, it’s your gym.

Joe was sick of getting hurt on complicated machinery and ridiculous training sessions, so he made a change. We’re so proud of Joe for sticking with us!

Not getting any results at your gym? See what a helping hand can do for you.


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