Breast Cancer Awareness Month: How Carol Achieved Emotional and Mental Relief

shutterstock_327061907Every week we want to mention and celebrate a particularly inspiring member of Koko!

Seeing as how we are about halfway through Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it is only appropriate we celebrate one of our members who has made fantastic strides since her battle with breast cancer.

Meet Carol!

“I’ve been a Koko member for almost a year. I have lost weight and inches off my waist.

Most of all, I gained back all my strength in my left arm, as I have been favoring that side due to breast cancer.

Due to the weight loss, my Dr. states that my diabetes is well under control and my blood pressure right on target, I have even been able to stop taking some of my medication, thanks to Koko.

It was like I followed a star, the day I joined Koko Fitness. I went to one fitness club
first, left there went to Koko and signed on the dotted line, right there and then.

Thank you Koko FitClub  for helping me to get back into shape, both
physically & mentally. (still have a long ways to go before I can put on that
bikini, but I am sure I will get there).”

Member of Koko FitClub
Easton, MA

Carol was disappointed in other fitness clubs, they didn’t help her and they didn’t work with her to get better.

When Carol discovered Koko, it was a like wearing a pair of jeans you’ve had for years, they fit perfectly. Her fitness journey made her healthier, happier, and more at peace with herself and her body.

There’s nothing but progress from here on out. Well done Carol!

Not getting any results at your gym? See what a helping hand can do for you.


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