The New Job Slump: The Story of How Cait Fought the Stress of Her Career

shutterstock_391111147Another week, another amazing member to celebrate success with!

Meet Cait Ruegger, a KokoNut who is so passionate, she made her mom come too.

A year and a half ago, I felt lethargic and frustrated. I was in the first year of my new career, stressed, sleepless, and feeling the consequences.

I was taking ballet classes, but never felt myself sweat and never seeing the effects I wanted.

I knew I didn’t have the time to commit three hours a day and I didn’t have the money to hire a personal trainer.

Koko was the solution in so many ways. The owner of the franchise in town explained I could get a total body workout in under an hour, sweat and all!

Couple that with Koko Fuel nutrition and an individualized approach, I have made major strides in my goals.

Soon after I joined, I dragged my 60+ year old mother in with me. Now she is a KokoNut too!

We push each other to get better and she in in the best shape I have seen her EVER! With Koko, the stress of my job has gone down, I’m eating better, sleeping better, and happier.

This place is awesome.

Cait Ruegger
Member of Koko FitClub
Darien, CT

It’s an amazing thing be able to overcome the stress of your job and the inevitable¬†lethargy that comes with it. Exercise has more benefits that just outward appearance.
Cait was able to discover that through her dedication.

Great stuff Cait!

Try Koko for 30 Days for $30 and see how you can change your life too!


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