How to Find the Right Gym to Get Fit

shutterstock_216252670Most people end up picking the wrong gym.

It’s a paradox. At exactly the same time when fitness options are at their height, so too are the number of people who are deconditioned and overweight.

More people belong to gyms now than ever in the history of fitness. So why aren’t more people succeeding? Usually, it’s because they pick the wrong type of gym for their needs and set themselves up for failure.

Finding a fitness solution you can stick to and build that habit early in the first 30 days is critical to success. Yet far too many people go “all out” trying something that is simply too intense and without guidance. They get discouraged and stop before they’ve had a chance to succeed.

What most people lack from their gym is the guidance to set realistic goals and expectations, and find a fitness plan with proper progression to actually meet those goals.

Traditional, big box gyms offer low-cost, 24/7 access a sea of equipment, which is great if you already know how to work out properly, which is a small percentage of us. The majority of people need guidance, and don’t know it.

In traditional gyms, over 90% of the members never get any help with their workouts. Left to go it alone, most fail to get the results they want, many stop going altogether, and eventually quit before they see any progress.

Boutique and niche fitness studios and training gyms typically offer fitness through group training and classes, where a single instructor leads a class of many on a single workout. This option works great for the athlete who is used to training as part of a team and understands how to listen to their bodies and adjust the intensity to their own needs.  But, for many, this approach leaves them feeling lost, trying to catch up, and never getting the personal attention they really need to solve their unique fitness problems. Many end up pushing themselves to hard, too fast, leading to injury, frustration and ultimately, quitting.

So when considering fitness for the first time, or after a long absence, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is my true goal? Emotionally and physically? What is my metric for success?
  • What is a realistic timeline for getting there? It took a long time to get out of shape, how much time will it truly take to get back in shape?
  • What is a realistic amount of time that I can dedicate each week to getting fit? How can I get the most out of that time?
  • What kind of coaching do I need to get there?
  • What do I like to do for fitness? Is there an option that most closely matches my lifestyle?

Talk to a fitness coach and ask for advice. If your gym doesn’t have that option, you might want to find another solution.

Ultimately, when it comes to choosing the gym you trust to get you where you want in health and fitness, it comes down to this question: “Is this a place that feels right for me, with a plan that is individualized enough to fit my goals and my lifestyle?”

If the answer to the above is no, you might want to look for another gym.

Nick Konarski
COO & Master FitCoach, Koko FitClub


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