4 Ways To Get Up and Get Out This Labor Day

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Everybody is sitting at their jobs right now, doing hardly any work and shaking in anticipation for the long weekend.

How can you make this 3 day labor-free Labor Day even  better? By staying active and making the most of that beautiful weather.

Here are 4 ways to get up and get out this weekend!

Go on a hike.

We know that Labor Day is all about not laboring, but think of a hike not as a chore, but rather as a way to explore, adventure, and stay fit!

Most of us crave adventure and new experience. Life can become rather stagnant and routine, it’s good to break the rigid schedule of your life and be free and boundless for a time. Hiking gets you and your friends out of the house and exercising your bodies through a fun activity that everyone can enjoy.

There’s no better feeling than accomplishing a tough climb or hill hike and viewing the horizon from the top!

Stumble upon new places.

Visit a town or a city you rarely go to with out a plan. Grab some friends or your family, park wherever, and start walking. You’d be amazed at what you’ll discover when you don’t have a destination.

You’ll end up eating at interesting places, visiting random and obscure shops, and you will most likely stumble across something memorable. Just bring a little bit of cash and start exploring. You don’t have to empty your wallet to have a good time!

Host a potluck or backyard BBQ.

Gentlemen (and ladies), get your forks ready. There’s no better time to organize a potluck BBQ than a 3 day weekend. Try introducing some new healthy alternatives to the typical trans-fats and calorie filled sides to your BBQ chicken and ribs.

Instead of a pasta salad, make a quinoa-based ‘pasta’ salad. Try grilling out with vegetables and offering portobello burgers over the typical beef. Koko has delicious recipe ideas in our Fuel Zone blog page.

Think of this BBQ as a way to get family and friends together for good food and fun. And as a way to introduce healthier options for future cookouts! People will be stealing your recipes left and right.

Take your workout elsewhere.

Grab some resistance bands and journey to the park for some TUT (time-under-tension) circuit training. Call up a friend who can show you different ways to workout and stay healthy and fit.

Fitness and regular gym time are important for our overall health and body development. And while all of that is great, switching up your routines are just as important. Whether it is location or simply your routine for that day, keep your muscles guessing and keep your workouts fresh and exciting.

A 3 day weekend is the perfect time to try something new!

Stay Koko Fit and Happy Labor Day!

Michael Wood, CSCS
Chief Fitness Officer, Koko FitClub

About Michael Wood, Chief Fitness Officer
Michael Wood, CSCS, is Chief Fitness Officer at Koko FitClub, driving the development of integrated strength and cardio training and nutrition programs for Koko members nationwide. A nationally acclaimed fitness expert, Michael has conducted research as a Senior Exercise Physiologist at the Nutrition, Exercise Physiology and Sarcopenia Laboratory at the Research Center on Aging at Tufts University, and has lectured at Boston University and the University of Connecticut. He has been named Boston Magazine’s “Best of Boston” Personal Trainer, and made the Men’s Journal “Dream Team” list of the nine best trainers in the U.S. Michael and his family live in North Attleboro, MA.


One thought on “4 Ways To Get Up and Get Out This Labor Day

  1. Put my Koko fit training to use this week is our family hike around Mount Rainier and Olympic State Park. Agree the best way to expand your horizons is to put your Fitness training to use outside of the gym thanks for the suggestions


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