What Does Being Outside Do For Your Body?


I love to go and spend time outside. Nothing beats the outdoors, the fresh air, a solid breeze, and warm sunlight. When I come in, I feel better, healthier, more energized, and in less of a stupor. It’s amazing what a small amount of time out in the world can do for you.

Your body is meant to be outside. Getting your time outdoors has actually been shown toincrease concentration.

The American Public Health Association published a study that compared levels of concentration in children diagnosed with ADHD. One group played inside, one group played outside for a measure period of time. When tested, the children who received their learning in an outdoor setting were more attentive, seemingly happier, and there was decreased hyperactivity in their behavior.

The Journal of Experimental Psychology did a study on the simple effects of taking a stroll. It had an amazing influence on creativity and productivity. Experiencing nature stimulates your brain into learning new things. That’s why Koko tries to infuse this experience into its cardio programs. The world inspires and drives us.

Some say a 20min walk is as good as a cup of coffee!

And speaking of going out for a walk, that sunshine you’re spending time in is doing wonders for you as well. Direct sunlight not only feels good on your skin, but it kickstarts your Vitamin D intake.

Vitamin D is one of the hardest nutrients to get through food and drink alone. In fact, 80-90% of our Vitamin D intake is through sun exposure. This tricky little nutrient is vital in bone growth, cell growth, inflammation reduction, and immunity.

It’s good to get out and about. The gym is a great place to get exercise, but spending 2 hours in a gym does nothing for your overall health, it only grows your muscles. We believe an efficient 30 to 40 minute workout should be enough, we want you to get out and experience life, not stuck inside! We want you to be fit, but we also want you to be happy.

Getting out and experiencing nature has been proven to drastically reduce stress. This in turn helps reduce anxiety.

That vitamin D you should be getting each day? It also helps in serotonin production and being outside for over 30 minutes provokes dopamine spikes in your brain. These two chemicals play big parts in mood, happiness, and overall disposition. Being outside makes your happier!

Put down that Xbox controller, take your lunch break outside, bring the kids to the park each day, go for a hike with family and friends.

Whatever you do, just make sure you get your daily dose of those golden rays and fresh air.

Stay Koko Fit!

Michael Wood, CSCS
Chief Fitness Officer, Koko FitClub, LLC

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