Let’s hear it for FIT MOMS!


Mother’s Day is this Sunday and moms everywhere will be showered with gifts and whisked off to brunch  to say “thank you” for everything they do for us.

Moms tend to do for others before they take care of themselves.  So, Mother’s Day is typically a day — just one day, mind you — to let mom take a breather, put her feet up, have a mimosa, relax a bit.

At Koko, our moms are a little different. They aren’t used to “taking it easy”. They charge ahead into life. They want to take their strong, Koko bodies out in the world and do something challenging, something fun. When they “put their feet up”, they put them up to tie their trail shoes and climb a mountain, baby.

So, this weekend, let’s celebrate our moms who MOVE. Take mom and the kids for a hike. Bring mom on a bike ride and plan a picnic in the park. Give mom the time she wants to go for a run, get  in a perfect workout.  Celebrate her for the awesome, strong woman she is, and tell her you are proud.

And, if you could, please clean the house and pick up all those dirty socks. She’ll appreciate it. ;)

Happy Mother’s Day!


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About Lauren Dell’Olio

Lauren Dell’Olio is a Fitness Life Correspondent and Managing Editor of The Stronger Blog. Lauren brings her perspective as a working mother of three, lifelong fitness enthusiast, marathon runner and “foodie” to the Stronger Blog. Lauren joined the Koko FitClub corporate team in 2008 as one of the company’s early employees and currently serves as Director of Marketing, with a focus on member experience, content development, social media and digital strategy. Since Lauren joined Koko, the company has grown from 1 to 125+ locations nationwide, serving over 20,000 members. Lauren and her family live in Norwell, MA.

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