5 Reasons This 50 Year-Old Remains a “KokoNut”

Today’s guest post comes from Neil Rhein, who just celebrated his 2-year anniversary as a member of Koko FitClub of Easton, MA and, at 50, is more motivated than ever to stay fit..

While I have always been physically active and in decent shape, two years ago, I started to notice a bit more jiggling of my body mass every time I ran up or down the stairs to my home-based office. With my 50th birthday only two years away, I realized that, as Emeril Lagasse is fond of saying, it was time to “kick it up a notch.”

After using the fitness center at a vacation resort I visited in February 2012, I resolved to join a gym when I returned home. I explored several area fitness centers and each offered a similar mix of machines that I had used when I was a member at a club several years earlier. I had allowed my previous membership to lapse after I became bored with the same routine and only mediocre results. As the folks at Koko might say, I had “plateaued.”

Since a traditional gym no longer appealed to me, I had since moved on to a home-based regimen where I worked out to a Gunnar Peterson “core workout” DVD. I also relied on an elliptical machine for aerobic exercise, along with my weekly pickup basketball game at a local school.

But just as with my previous fitness center regimen, I became bored with the core workout DVD. And, as someone who works from home, I was experiencing a bit of cabin fever. I needed to get outside the four walls of my office!

In March 2012, I joined the Koko FitClub  in Easton MA. After two years, 230 strength training sessions and 180 cardio workouts, here are five reasons Koko keeps me coming back for more:

  1. A reasonable time commitment. As a busy self-employed financial writer, the fact that I can drive two miles, get a solid workout, return home, shower and be back at my desk in a little more than one hour enables me to consistently complete at least three workouts a week.
  1. A constant variety of exercises. Unlike regular strength training regimens, Koko’s constant variety of exercises keeps me engaged and challenged. No two workouts are identical and that keeps me motivated. Although I wouldn’t complain if there were fewer triceps pushdowns!
  1. A focus on fitness, not socializing. I enjoy friendly conversation as much as the next guy. But when I go to the gym, my first priority is to get a good workout and to do so as efficiently as possible. Because Koko requires me and everyone around me to focus on pace and form, we’re all concentrating on our workouts rather than fitness center flirtations.
  1. My workouts are on autopilot. Not having to think about my workout is a relief to me. I prefer coming in and doing whatever the computer tells me to do. That’s much different than my previous fitness center, where I would skip certain exercises, use bad form, or wander around aimlessly if I wasn’t feeling particularly motivated.
  1. The ability to accurately measure results. At a regular gym, the only way to measure progress is to step on a scale or perhaps get an occasional body mass index (BMI) measurement. But at Koko, I can see exactly how much strength I’ve actually gained, as well as an enhanced BMI reading. And I can get this information much more frequently and efficently than I can at a regular gym.

Neil Rhein Koko Fit ResultsDue to the reasons described here, I no longer agonize over the decision to work out. If more than three days have passed without a Koko workout, my body sends a message to my brain to remind me that it’s time to suit up. And unlike those days when I had to drag myself to the gym, I look forward to my Koko visits because I know each workout will always be different than the last one.

Neil Rhein is Chief of Content Development for Bull’s-eye Financial Communications, where he specializes in creating customized client and prospect communications for financial services companies.

Interested in Koko?
Try 30 days of complete fitness and coaching for just $30.


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