A Schooling on the Koko “Q” Score

The Koko Smartraining System is designed to motivate. Motivation, after all, is going to help you stick to the program and make fitness a part of your life forever. So, when you’ve put in your time and you log in to MyKokoFitness.com, you see all your hard work quantified right there on the screen- how much weight you’ve lifted on the Smartrainer, how many calories you’ve burned and your total strength gain. You also see your “Q” score. For the uninitiated, it can be a headscratcher. What the heck is the Koko “Q” score?


The ability to capture data from your strength workout is unique to Koko. But collecting data for the sake of collecting data is pointless. Data needs to be put into perspective to give it real power. Motivational power. While part of the Koko data analysis compares “current you” to “past you,” with the “Q” score, we also allow you to compare yourself to others in Koko Nation. The “Q” score is a number derived from an analysis of your strength level relative to your body weight. Once you have that number, you can easily compare how strong and fit you are relative to your friends, spouse, family or the thousands of other people who use Koko to stay healthy. (You can see the latest “Q” score table by logging on to MyKokoFitness.com- the link is right under your “Q” score.)


There are some truly amazing “Q” scores on the chart. (Yes, those are the “Q” scores of real people.) We have a member in his 70′s with a “Q” score of 100. WOW. That’s a score twice the average within his age range, in fact, well above average for any age range. And I know the highest “Q” score belongs to our very own VP of Finance, Linda Tenda. In her super-high heels she might reach Michael Wood’s shoulder, but she’s got him (and everyone else) beat with an astronomical “Q” score of 149. (Hey, doesn’t she have access to the data? Hmm…)


How do you compare? (Don’t worry, Linda’s an outlier at 149.) Share your “Q” score, or share how your “Q” score has progressed. We love being your cheering section!


Mary Obana
President and Co-Founder
Koko FitClub


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