Why I Koko: The Michael Wood Father’s Day Edition

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads out there in Koko Nation! For this post, I have been thinking a lot on our favorite Koko FitClub question from the perspective of my fatherhood. In other words, as a dad, why do I Koko?


I want to keep up with my daughter now. She’s determined to beat me on the basketball court- and she’s really good. I can’t let it happen any time soon.


I want to keep up with my daughter later. I want to continue being able to do the things we love to do together, like hiking and skiing, as she matures into an adult. Maybe even with my grandchildren.


I want to be a good role model. As dads, we lead by example. I know that over the years, as I have consistently done my Koko Smartrainig workouts in the garage (yes, in the garage- so I can design killer Smartraining programs for you 24/7) that my daughter has payed attention. Now, as a high school athlete, she’s Smartraining too. It’s great to see her working out in the garage to get ready for the season. But, what I really get a kick out of? When we do our Koko workouts together.


I want to be there for the big moments. (And the small ones.) Her college graduation, first job, promotions, wedding, babies, their kindergarten graduations, and high school graduations. You get the picture.


I want to be functional as I age. For my sake and my daughter’s sake, I want to prolong my healthy, independent years as much as possible. We don’t have control over every variable, but I know that the effort I put in now will pay dividends in my independence 20 years from now.


Now, I admit, I may be a bit unusual in the fact that I have never NOT exercised. This is my field of expertise and I know first hand the long term benefits of keeping my body strong and fit. I do my Koko Smartraining religiously, 2 to 3 times a week, and I enjoy being active. However, when I was recently forced to take some time off after retinal surgery, it was a challenge to get back in the swing of things. I thought a lot about other dads who were once fit and athletic, but in working hard in their role as providers, have stopped taking time for themselves to exercise. It truly is counterproductive to all that we aspire to as fathers. If this is your situation, I hope you are inspired to make a change. No matter your fitness level and time constraints, Koko is your ticket to healthier manhood and healthier fatherhood. And it’s never too late to get started.

Michael Wood, CSCS


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