Koko FitClub HealthTracks: Men’s Health Debuts for National Men’s Health Week

To coincide with National Men’s Health Week, (June 14th to 20th,) we are rolling out a brand new Koko FitClub HealthTrack, this one just for men. Men’s Health is a year-long Smartraining program I have designed to help men rebound from gender-specific health issues such as prostate cancer. It improves muscle size, strength and performance while slowing the functional decline often associated with men’s health challenges.


Also debuting this week, Koko HealthTracks Breast Cancer Recovery. Both programs effectively reshape and restore bodies weakened by chemo and surgery. They are the latest additions to a full suite of Koko HealthTracks, prescriptive strength and cardio programs targeting specific health challenges. Current programs include Arthritis and Diabetes, with Back Pain Relief to arrive at your local Koko FitClub this fall.


According to the Centers for Disease Control, “Strength training can be very powerful in reducing the signs and symptoms of numerous diseases and chronic condition.” I built HealthTracks with just this purpose in mind. Each safe, progressive strength and cardio program is individualized to the patient’s specific needs, goals and limitations, thus removing the confusion and anxiety that accompanies taking this important step to reclaiming one’s well-being.
Empowering our members to feel better every day is the goal that motivates us in everything we do here at Koko FitClub. Koko HealthTracks fit that goal perfectly.


To Your Good Health,

Michael Wood, CSCS


Interested in Koko?
Try 30 days of complete fitness and coaching for just $30.



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