Warning! Don’t Diet Alone: Koko’s Your Muscle-Building Ally

The thought of summer and all the bare skin that shows in our warm weather clothes is an annual alarm-bell for many of us to “lose a few pounds.” Studies estimate that nearly half of all women and a third of all men in America diet. Beware of dieting alone. Dieting alone or dieting and cardio exercise alone may not be the solution you think it is. Worse, it’s likely contributing to your weight woes by burning through metabolism-boosting lean muscle mass. The Koko Smartrainer is the ally that will help you add and maintain lean muscle mass, ultimately winning the battle of the bulge once and for all.


Why is it so hard to keep the weight lost through dieting off permanently? Because your body equates “diet” with “starvation.” You eat fewer calories, it burns lean muscle mass along with fat to make energy to sustain you in times of “famine.” To you it looks like weight loss, but it’s really muscle loss. Trouble is, lean muscle mass is your body’s calorie burning engine. If your body breaks it down for energy, your metabolism slows. Suddenly, you are burning FEWER calories each day than you did BEFORE you started dieting! This cycle gets worse with age, especially for people that have been on and off diets for years, because unless we do something about it, we begin lose muscle every year after the age of 25. Every year that goes by, every diet you try, there is less and less lean muscle mass for your body to burn for “emergency” energy. (Scary, right?) It’s an unhealthy situation and incredibly counterproductive to maintaining a lifelong, healthy weight.


So, what is the right path to a healthy weight? Always follow this rule: EVERY diet should have a complementary strength training program, like Koko Smartraining programs. Strength training is the ONLY way to build and maintain your body’s lean muscle mass. While we are programmed to think “burn calories” to lose weight, we really need to think “build muscle.” Dieting and cardio exercise will reduce lean muscle mass if you aren’t actively working to maintain it. It’s critical to avoid yo yo dieting, opt instead for sound nutrition combined with a strength training program on the Koko Smartrainer, and you’ll see body transforming results like never before.


If the key to living life at a healthy weight is not just being mindful of the calories you put into your body, but also building lean muscle mass through strength training, the Koko Smartrainer is the tool to put that knowledge into practice. It’s the solution for the rest of us who don’t have the time and/or knowledge to choreograph and maintain an effective, progressive strength program. You have an ally with Koko, so you never, ever, have to diet alone again.

Michael Wood, CSCS


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