Koko Smartraining: The End of Exercise Guilt

Early on in life we grudgingly learn that guilt is a powerful motivator, but one that leaves a nasty aftertaste. The thing is, as powerful as it can be, guilt is a slippery slope. The more you allow yourself to fall prey to guilt, the more things, it seems, there are to feel guilty about. Thus guilt’s motivational power diminishes, leaving you only to feel hopeless and crummy about yourself and your situation. This is why guilt will NEVER motivate you to make positive, transformitive changes in your life and health for the long haul — precisely the kinds of changes you can make through Koko Smartraining. That’s why we declare Koko FitClub a Guilt-Free Zone.


When it comes to exercise guilt, there are common “triggers.” Koko Smartraining eliminates them:
You don’t exercise, or do it often enough. This is a big one and everyone has different reasons why they don’t exercise as much as they should.


You don’t have enough time. For this reason, Koko was designed to be incredibly time efficient. It’s hard to convince yourself you don’t have time to exercise when you can get a full strength workout in in 30 minutes and a cardio session in 15.


You don’t know what to do. Koko is prescriptive exercise. Come in, plug in your Koko Key, and you are guided through your personalized workout program by an automated personal training system. There is nothing to figure out.


You hate the “gym scene.” We do too. That’s why Koko FitClub isn’t a gym. It’s a clean and civilized fitness oasis. Approachable and non-judgemental. A place to focus not on being seen, but on a healthier YOU.


You think it’s boring. Koko is fun. Smartraining actively engages your mind as well as your body so the time flies.


You don’t push yourself hard enough. Did you workout hard enough, long enough, lift enough weight, work out all the proper muscles groups? With Koko, your workout is optimized for you, every time. Instead of feeling guilty, you finish feeling like you have done exactly what you needed to that session, getting the most out of your time and workout. How refreshing!


You should be spending time with your family. The secret solution here is, you don’t need two hours at “the gym” to get great results. Koko Smartraining is a better, faster, smarter way to work out. Less time exercising, great results, more time left for your family.


You should be working. See #3, except you’ll have more time to get your work done.


You waste time at the gym chatting, waiting and otherwise not exercising. When you plug into a Smartrainer, the machine is yours for your entire workout. You get a high energy, circuit training strength workout with no waiting or wandering around. (We can’t really help with the chatting part, though, that’s on you!)


So, since guilt doesn’t work to motivate long-term, positive changes in our lives, it is banished from Koko FitClub. If you catch yourself accidentally slipping into exercise guilt, take a deep breath and just let it go… Then plug in your Koko Key for a guilt-free workout.

Michael Wood, CSCS


Interested in Koko?
Try 30 days of complete fitness and coaching for just $30.



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