Fitness Myths BUSTED: When it Comes to Exercise, Quantity is NOT Better Than Quality!

Over the years, exercise science has devoted itself to discovering the best, most efficient ways to achieve peak fitness. Research has proven that by manipulating certain exercise variables, it is possible to achieve better results in less time. This isn’t new information, but since most of us don’t have a personal trainer to develop our own super-efficient fitness program, the challenge is to find and apply it all to our fitness routines. That’s where Koko comes in. Koko has taken the lessons from scientific research on exercise effectiveness and efficiency and applied them to a technology that allows anyone to harness the benefits.


When faced with a traditional gym, there are a handful of common pitfalls that seriously limit the effectiveness of your strength training program no matter how much time you put in:

  • A limited repertoire of exercises that get worked to death
  • Under/overestimation of the amount of weight one can lift
  • Poor form

By strength training on the Smartrainer, you avoid all of these pitfalls. The Koko Smartrainer automatically customizes and optimizes every workout, managing the critical variables so your workout doesn’t need to take an hour to work:

  • There is always exercise variety and progression in your routine
  • You are lifting at 50 to 80% of your maximum capacity-ideal for building strength
  • For each exercise proper form is clearly demonstrated

The Smartrainer also shaves time off your workout because it is a logistical improvement over typical gym equipment. Working around the weight floor of a typical gym is inefficient. It takes time to decide what exercises to perform and there is often a wait while other people are using the equipment.


In contrast, the Koko Smartrainer selects your specific exercises from nearly a hundred available on a self-contained machine that is yours until your session is complete. You also get a great cardio workout as a result of the high energy transitions between exercises on the Smartrainer. You aren’t just sitting around…waiting.


Speaking of cardio… All Koko Cardio programs are interval training programs. Interval training is simply the best, most efficient way to get the most out of your cardiovascular workout in less time. Have a look back at this earlier post to see how Koko Cardio harnesses the power of interval training to streamline your workout.


Bottom line is, who has hours every day to spend exercising? (Professional athletes, maybe, but they’re getting paid for that time!) Unless you truly enjoy extra long workouts, they just aren’t necessary. At Koko we have made it our mission to give you an effective total body workout that fits your life in 30 minutes or less.

Michael Wood, CSCS


Interested in Koko?
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