A Body Fit for the Beach in Time for Summer: Introducing Koko’s New Seasonal Series!

Happy Memorial Day Koko Nation! This weekend ushers in the official kickoff of summer. I can already smell those dogs on the grill!


You’ve been working hard through the colder months and now that the warm weather is here, it’s time to shed those layers. Are you ready? If you’d like to take it to the next level before the big beach “reveal,” Koko FitClub now offers SummerFit and SummerFit Advanced – full body strengthening programs, with extra core conditioning, designed to challenge your body and get it into swimsuit shape.


You can now choose from programs like SummerFit, getting you ready for whatever the current season has in store for you, as part of Koko’s new Seasonal Series.


These optional programs can be inserted into your existing track throughout the year to prepare your body for anything, whether it’s Performance Golf, Born to Run, Snow Sports, or SummerFit. So when you finish with your next Koko program, ask the front desk about SummerFit and our Seasonal Series programs.


By the way, those dogs on the grill? I love them too, but go easy. A Memorial Day hot dog rings in at 190 calories. Just to put that into perspective: you burn 200 calories during a 30 minute session on the Smartrainer. All things in moderation, my friends. Have a great holiday weekend!

Lauren Dell’Olio


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