One Billion Pounds Lifted!

Koko Nation hit a collective Smartraining milestone recently: 1,000,000,000 pounds lifted! (Yes, BILLION!) WOW! It’s a hugely impressive feat, but somewhat challenging to grasp in it’s scale. I think you’ll better appreciate just how much weight that is if I give it some perspective.


Lifting one billion pounds is the equivalent of lifting:


– Our Chief Fitness Officer, Michael Wood, approximately 5,000,000 reps
– A Smartrainer, 1,111,111 reps
– The Space Shuttle, 223 reps
– A chock-full 18-wheeler, 12,500 reps
– A Boeing 737-700 series passenger plane, 11,891 reps
– A Mini Cooper, 384,615 reps
– A Saturn-V rocket, 149 reps
– An adult male African elephant, 90,909 reps
– An average size cruise ship, 5 reps
– A fully grown blue whale, 3,334 reps
– The Washington Monument, 6 reps
– A NYC subway car, 111,737 reps
– The Seattle Space Needle, 52 reps


OK, I’m exhausted. Your turn! What else can we lift to a billion pounds?


Only Koko FitClub tracks this kind of data as part of our member progress reporting, and I am so proud of every single individual who contributed to this total. (That’s YOU getting strong and healthy.) And, what gets me even more fired up is that we are just getting started. Seriously… Koko Nation’s pounds lifted is the perfect antidote to those “Billions and Billions Served,” don’t you think?


Look out we’re coming!


Mary Obana
President & Co-Founder
Koko FitClub


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