Third Time’s a Charm: The Power of Three Days a Week

I wish I could convince all of our members to spend thirty minutes, three times a week on Koko Smartraining. Don’t get me wrong, any exercise is better than no exercise. Koko is a guilt free zone, and I applaud every effort you make to fit in a workout when you can. But, I’d really love for you to experience what happens to your body on the three day a week Smartraining schedule.


Allow me to explain. Here’s a bit of “empirical data” to show you what can happen in three, 30-minute sessions with a Koko Smartrainer each week:


Back in Koko’s early days, we were collecting data on the Smartrainer’s effectiveness, and seeing decent strength increases from twice a week use. Was the third session really that important? The guideline is based on exercise science that says unequivocally, “yes.” But, the Smartrainer is different and, well, smarter. So, co-founder, Mary Obana and I decided to play guinea pigs for the sake of Koko. We created a little friendly competition to see who would have the greatest strength gain. For 10 weeks, I worked out on the Smartrainer twice a week for thirty minutes and Mary worked out three times a week for thirty minutes. (Those keeping score at home please note: I took one for the team here!) The outcome wasn’t a shock: Mary, of course, was the victor. What stunned us were the results. I had a heroic strength gain by exercise science standards-29%. (And, this is on a fit guy who knows his way around a gym!) The kicker was that Mary beat me by an additional 20%! That’s huge!


If empirical data doesn’t do it for you, remember that “strength gain” equals a lean, fit body with plenty of metabolism boosting muscle. It means you feeling good about how you look in your clothes or being able to keep up with your kids or grandkids. (Your Q score may even show you that you’re as strong as your kids or grandkids!) So, no guilt, my friends. Just a wish for you to be the strongest, healthiest you possible.

Michael Wood, CSCS


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