Help! I’ve Lost Strength Between Strength Tests!

We never want to hear this plea from our members, but it has happened. If a negative number shows up as your “strength gain,” take heart: It absolutely does not mean Koko wont work for you. There are a handful of explanations for a “negative strength gain.”  Find and conquer your pitfall, and you will see powerful results from your Koko Smartraining efforts!


1. Inconsistency:  This is the number one cause of true strength loss between strength tests. Programs are designed as 12 workouts within a 4 week time frame. The best strength gains are seen when programs are followed this way.  For you, that works out to 3 days a week. Even at 2 days a week, you will see strength gains. However, if you work out once a week or less on the Smartrainer, it is possible to see a “negative strength gain.”


2. Skipping an exercise on the strength test: If you are forced to skip a strength test exercise, maybe because of injury, you will absolutely see a negative value for your strength gain. There are only 4 exercises in the strength test. When you skip one, Olympic strength gains on the 3 others are required to overcome that massive data loss and show a positive gain. (Think of it like grading in high school: If 75% of your chem grade is based on test scores and 25% is based on homework. Even with great test scores, it is really hard to get a passing grade if you earn a big fat zero for never doing your homework!) In this case, it is possible that your negative strength gain value doesn’t necessarily equal strength loss.


3. Lifting less than the recommended weight/reps or poor pace scores: Your strength test scores, from the very beginning, have customized your Smartraining programs. It provides a baseline value from which the safest most effective weight loads and workout volumes are determined. If for some reason you are doing less than the suggested workload (i.e. lifting less weight, doing fewer reps or not keeping up with the pace bar) it is possible that you might lose strength between strength tests.


Tracking strength gains is just one of the incredible capabilities of Koko Smartraining technology. No other strength training equipment can do this. It’s a huge motivator! Having strength data can also help shed light on the reasons why our exercise routines may not have been successful in the past. We admit that no one wants to see a negative strength value staring back at them, but instead of feeling defeated, look at it as an opportunity to identify andchange self-defeating habits! Take control and commit to three 30 minute Koko Smartraining sessions a week. Your strength will improve 19% after the first 8 weeks, 26% after the second 8 weeks and 33% after the third eight weeks. Those remarkable numbers translate to a strong, healthy body; yourstrong, healthy body!


Michael Wood, CSCS

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