Koko HealthTracks: Coming Soon to a Koko FitClub Near You!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Koko HealthTracks. The year-long, progressive strength training programs are designed by Koko Chief Fitness Officer, Michael Wood, CSCS, as a prescription for members with specific health challenges.

Koko HealthTracks, based on the latest medical and exercise science research, are the natural next generation of Koko Smartraining programs. For those struggling with health issues that have affected their functionality, the Koko Smartrainer is ideally suited to the re-introduction of exercise. The safe, progressive strength programs are individualized to the patient’s specific needs, goals and limitations, thus removing the confusion and anxiety that accompanies taking this important step to reclaiming one’s well-being.

Arthritis: Progressive resistance training designed to help improve physical function, reduce soreness, stiffness and painful symptoms of arthritis.

Diabetes: Lose weight, get strong and improve your quality of life with this complete strength and cardio plan for diabetics. Benefits may include improved insulin sensitivity, glucose tolerance and a lowered risk of heart disease.

Men’s Health: A program designed to improve muscle size, strength, functional performance and body composition while reversing the functional declines often associated with men’s health issues.

Breast Cancer: Reclaim and reshape your body with this progressive training program that builds strength while toning and conditioning your entire body, paying special attention to muscle groups of the core and upper body.

Back Relief: Build a stronger back and core to help relieve and prevent back pain by strengthening the muscles involved in the body’s core stabilization.

Through Koko HealthTracks, we want to help our members bridge the gap between a doctor’s recommendation ‘to exercise’ and the actual implementation of a fitness plan to proactively deal with health concerns. If we can do that, then we have achieved our goal: Empowering you to feel better everyday.

For more information about Koko HealthTracks, inquire at the front desk of your Koko FitClub!

Interested in Koko?
Try 30 days of complete fitness and coaching for just $30.


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