More Love. Less Handles. Koko’s Valentine to You

Happy Valentines Day! We love ya Koko Nation and never want to miss an opportunity to say so. We don’t have a box of chocolates or a bottle of Dom to give, but the gift of a Koko-healthy body is even better.

And did you know? The gift of health and fitness is one that keeps the embers of romance glowing. (Way more than lingerie or silky heart covered valentine boxers ever could.) It’s a gift that keeps on giving, if you know what I mean! So in the spirit of Valentine’s day, we offer you a list of ways Koko is a gift to your love life.

More Love…Less Handles.
Sometimes the biggest roadblock to a happy, healthy sex life is poor body image. Nothing kills the mood like the urge to turn off the light or hide under the covers as soon as you are in your birthday suit. (Even though in our brain we know we are loved despite our lumps and bulges and handles!) A stronger, leaner, handle-less Koko body is one to show off. You feel more confident and more relaxed and not so prone to hiding in the dark. LOVE IT!

Better Circulation.
(Ahem.) Koko Cardio and Smartraining are strengthening your cardiovascular system. Your body is more efficient at moving blood and oxygen through your body. In the interest of keeping this a PG-13 blog, I’m not going to spell out why better circulation improves things, but it does.

Sex is basically a physical workout, and just like any other workout, your body’s performance is limited by its fitness level. (Feel free to insert your own off color quip here. I’ll wait.) Thankfully, you can be sure that every time you get to your Koko FitClub, you are building your endurance level for extended physical activities. (Including that one.)You can’t say that about time spent in a typical gym, where you are left to hope what you are doing will “work.” Koko is designed for you, your own personal trainer who ensures you get the most out of every session.

Hope you enjoyed our spicy affirmations of your hard work. Hubba! Hubba! We count ourselves lucky that you are are a part of Koko Nation and are psyched that you love yourself enough to make Koko a part of your life.

Remember: Even though it’s a nice topic for Valentine’s Day, More Love…Less Handles and the sexier benefits of Koko are really year-round things. Just like expressing your love should be. (Make a note of that, people!)


Michael Wood, CSCS

Interested in Koko?
Try 30 days of complete fitness and coaching for just $30.


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