How to Find the Right Gym to Get Fit

shutterstock_216252670Most people end up picking the wrong gym.

It’s a paradox. At exactly the same time when fitness options are at their height, so too are the number of people who are deconditioned and overweight.

More people belong to gyms now than ever in the history of fitness. So why aren’t more people succeeding? Usually, it’s because they pick the wrong type of gym for their needs and set themselves up for failure.

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Go Healthy With This Delicious Veggie Soup


So, technically, tomorrow is the first day of Fall. *sigh*

Say hello to pumpkin spice everything, flannels shirts, and the candy infested holiday that is Halloween. Since we know you will be chowing down on some Reese’s or Almond Joy’s (if you’re that kind of person), we decided to help you take precautionary measures and giv you some healthy, yet comforting, recipes for the start of Fall!

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Over An Hour is Too Long: When Tom Campbell Ditched His Gym For Koko

koko_mg_2492-2Each week we want to celebrate and feature our amazing members and what they have accomplished.

Meet Tom Campbell!

“For seven years, I worked out at a traditional gym.

As my job became more and more demanding, I could not find time to work out anymore.

15 months ago, I decided to give the Koko 30 day trial a try. I could not believe that a 30 minute workout could actually make a difference, but I am happy to say 30 minutes makes a HUGE difference!

I’ve lost 12 pounds, but more importantly, I have gained significant muscle mass — more than I gained in 7 years working out at a traditional gym.

The models and programs at Koko are just what I needed. Each exercise is guided with information on how to lift, the pacing of the lift and visual instructions that make it near foolproof.

My progress is available online and it is extremely motivating to view my personal benchmarks and progress.

My goal was to be “physically fit at 55” and I’m so happy to say that I have met that goal!

Everyone can find 30 minutes to work out. Simply no excuses.”

Tom Campbell
Member of Koko FitClub
Needham, MA

Tom acted on his motivation, quit his big box gym, and joined Koko. Since then he has become stronger, healthier, and in a fraction of the time spent than his previous gym.

He found his reason and accomplished his fitness goals at age 55. Way to go Tom!

Try Koko for 30 Days for just $30 and discover why 30 minutes is all you need!